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Technical development features of horizontal boring and milling machines and floor milling boring machines


In recent years, the technology development of horizontal boring and milling machines and floor-milling boring machines at home and abroad has been very fast. Its characteristics are that the product structure is constantly updated, new technology applications are emerging, the process performance is compounded, the speed and efficiency are continuously improved, and the fine manufacturing is highlighted.

The development of horizontal boring and milling machines has attracted much attention due to its concept of injection acceleration. The transmission components such as electric spindles, linear motors and linear guides, which are supported by high-speed operation, have been widely used, and the operating speed of machine tools has been pushed to new heights. The innovative design of the spindle replaceable horizontal boring and milling Machining center solves the shortcomings of the advantages and disadvantages of the electric spindle and the mast moving telescopic structure. It has the effect of composite machining and one machine, and is also a large horizontal boring and milling machine. Technological innovation.

The development of floor-standing milling and boring machine leads the trend of modern processing with its new design concept. The high-speed machining concept is a flawless shaft ram type, and the structure type of various milling heads exchanges is full of style, which has a great alternative to traditional milling. the trend of. The various milling head accessories represented by the two-coordinate angle milling head become the main means to realize high-speed and high-efficiency composite processing. The process performance is wider, the power is larger, the rigidity is stronger, and it is a breakthrough in the development of the floor milling and boring machine.

Structural features

Horizontal boring and milling machine

The main key component of the horizontal boring and milling machine is the headstock, which is installed on the side of the column. There are also a few manufacturers adopting the thermal symmetry structure of the double column, and the spindle box is placed in the middle of the column. The biggest feature of this structure is rigidity, balance and heat dissipation. It provides a reliable guarantee for high-speed operation of the spindle head. However, the double-column structure is not easy to maintain, which is the reason why there are not many manufacturers in use today. The headstock movement is mostly driven by the motor-driven ball screw. It is the spindle drive core transmission device. It is mostly supported by a static pressure bearing and driven by a servo motor to drive the ball screw. As the spindle speed is getting higher and higher, the spindle heats up quickly. Now, many manufacturers will use oil mist cooling instead of oil cooling to more effectively control the spindle temperature and ensure its accuracy.

The main shaft system has two structural types, one is the traditional mast telescopic structure, which has the characteristics of deep hole and high power cutting; the other is the modern high-speed electric spindle structure, which has high speed, fast running speed and high efficiency. The advantages of high precision.

High-speed electric spindles are used more and more on horizontal boring and milling machines. In addition to the spindle speed and accuracy, the internal structure of the spindle box is simplified, and the manufacturing cycle is shortened. In particular, high-speed cutting can be performed. Larger than 10000r/min. The disadvantage is that power is limited and its manufacturing cost is high, especially deep hole processing. The mast telescopic structure has a limited speed, but the precision is not as good as that of the electric spindle. However, it can be used for deep hole machining, and has high power, can be processed at full load, and has high efficiency, which is unmatched by the electric spindle. Therefore, the two structures coexist and the process performance is different, but it provides users with more choices.

Now, a replaceable spindle system has been developed, which has the dual-purpose function of the machine. The user can choose to use according to different processing objects, that is, the electric spindle and the mast can be replaced with each other. This structure takes into account the shortcomings of the two structures and greatly reduces the cost. It is a major innovation in today's horizontal boring and milling machines. The advantages of the electric spindle are high-speed cutting and rapid feed, which greatly improves the accuracy and efficiency of the machine.

The horizontal boring and milling machine runs at a higher speed, the rapid moving speed reaches 25~30m/min, and the maximum speed of the mast is 6000r/min. The horizontal machining center has a higher speed, fast moving up to 50m/min, acceleration of 5m/s2, positional accuracy of 0.008-0.01mm, and repeat positioning accuracy of 0.004~0.005mm.

Floor-mounted milling and boring machine

Because the floor-type milling and boring machine is mainly for processing large parts, the milling process has a wide range, especially the high-power and powerful cutting is a major processing advantage of the floor-milling boring machine, which is also the traditional craft concept of the floor-milling boring machine. The technological development of contemporary floor-milling and boring machines is changing the traditional process concept and machining method. The high-speed machining process concept is replacing the traditional heavy-cutting concept, which brings about the change of machining technology with high speed, high precision and high efficiency, which also promotes The structural change of the floor-standing milling and boring machine and the improvement of the technical level.

Today, the development of floor-standing milling and boring machines is characterized by the development of high-speed milling, all of which are ram-type (without boring) and equipped with milling head attachments with various process performances. The advantage of the structure is that the ram has a large cross section, good rigidity, long stroke and fast moving speed, and is convenient for installing various functional accessories, mainly high-speed boring, milling head, two-coordinate double-pendulum milling head, etc. The performance and processing range are extremely high, which greatly improves the processing speed and efficiency.

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