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Efficiency and Quality in Turning and Milling Compound Machining


In the wave of market economy, all companies are pursuing efficiency, so people are more focused on processing efficiency. The current high-speed processing is generally considered to be one of the effective means to improve processing efficiency; the most intuitive experience that high-speed processing brings to people is the increase in spindle rotation speed and cutting speed, and the processing time is significantly shortened;

Composite Machining is another direction for the development of processing methods. The most common is turning and milling and compound machining and boring and milling. It can save a lot of process preparation time and simplify the process flow. It is an effective means to improve product quality and production efficiency.

On the one hand, due to the use of effective NC program control, product consistency is ensured, the impact of human factors is minimized, and the accuracy of the product can be evenly distributed in the tolerance zone. In the range, on the other hand, due to the reduction of the process flow, the error of double-clamping is avoided, thereby improving the quality of the product. In large-volume product processing, the advantages of this type of equipment lie in the production efficiency and stable product quality; in the processing of small-batch products, the flexibility of the equipment and the high product quality are reflected.

The double-spindle device can realize automatic turning of parts, and the concentricity of both sides can be ensured by the accuracy of the machine tool, which not only reduces the preparation time for reloading cards, but also ensures the accuracy of the parts, especially the parts that are mass-produced. The consistency of the parts can be well guaranteed and the machining error can be easily controlled within the specified range.

we can see that turning and milling composite equipment can effectively improve product quality and processing efficiency. However, only efficient equipment and no effective tools and means to drive it are also in vain. There are two things to feel here. First, reasonable tool selection and effective tool management system are the basic guarantees for efficient machining. Second, the support of the CAM platform is an indispensable condition for efficient machining. Whether in high-speed machining, powerful cutting or compound machining, cutting tools are always an important issue for us. The correct choice and use of the tool is the premise of all work, when other factors can not be broken due to conditions, the article on the tool can receive unexpected results.

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