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Points for Attention in Aluminum Material Machining


Points for Attention in Aluminum Material Machining

When using CNC to Machining Aluminum material, we must pay attention to these areas in order to make the machining size more stable.

1. The state of machine tools. Machining stability depends largely on the state of the machine tool itself. New machine tools or machine tools without debugging are prone to dimensional instability. In this case, the servo motor, screw, nut and other parts can be inspected, and the machine tool can be debugged.

2. Material cooling. The workpiece may be deformed after cooling. This situation is often unavoidable, and special attention should be paid to the use of coolant. In situ measurement, the possibility of material deformation should also be considered.

3. Machining technology. The unreasonable machining technology can easily cause the dimension error of the workpiece. On the basis of guaranteeing the basic machining technology, the machining error caused by iron chips on aluminum parts should be minimized.

4. Parameter setting. Cutting speed, feed rate, cutting depth and tool compensation all affect the stability of machining, so special attention should be paid to them.

5. Tool selection. When machining aluminum material, special cutting tools should be used as far as possible, which are often more targeted. For example, the special milling cutter for aluminum milling usually has larger rake angle and helix angle, sharper cutting edge, more favorable to the machining of aluminum parts, and better surface quality.

6. Stress. Aluminum material is soft, so special attention should be paid to clamping strength. In addition, in the process of machining aluminum, it is better to stand for a period of time before proceeding to the next process to eliminate stress after roughing.

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