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What is CNC Programming?


What is CNC Programming?

CNC programming is the whole process from parts drawing to obtaining CNC Machining program. Its main task is to calculate cutter location point (CL point). The cutter location is generally taken as the intersection point between the cutter axis and the cutter surface. In multi-axis Machining, the cutter axis vector is also given.

According to the requirements of the workpiece drawings and the machining process, the CNC machine tool stipulates the movement amount, speed and sequence of motion of the tool and each component, spindle rotation speed, spindle rotation direction, cutter head clamping, cutter head loosening and cooling programmed into a program computer with the CNC code form and input into a machine-specific computer. Then, after the CNC system compiles, operates, and logically processes according to the input instructions, it outputs various signals and commands, and controls each part according to the specified displacement and order. The action is to machine a variety of different shapes of the workpiece. Therefore, programming has a great impact on the effectiveness of CNC machine tools.

CNC machine tools must input instruction codes representing various functions into the CNC device in the form of programs, which can be processed by the CNC device, and then send out pulse signals to control the operation of the moving parts of the CNC machine tools, so as to complete the machining of parts.

At present, there are two standards for numerical control program: ISO of International Organization for Standardization and EIA of American Electronics Industry Association. ISO code is adopted in our country.

With the development of technology, the manual programming is seldom used in 3D CNC programming, but commercial CAD/CAM software is used.

CAD/CAM is the core of computer aided programming system. Its main functions include data input/output, calculation and editing of machining trajectory, process parameter setting, machining simulation, post-processing of CNC program and data management.

At present, Mastercam, UG, Cimatron, PowerMILL, CAXA and other powerful software are popular with users in China. The principles, graphics processing methods and processing methods of NC programming are similar to each other, but each software has its own characteristics.

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